​A medical history will be taken on your first treatment and a list of current medication is needed. I will discuss your current health and medical history and I will also ask about your diet, life style and emotional health. This enables me to get a complete picture of you and your complaint/condition. 


The allocated time for each appointment is roughly 45 - 60 mins and costs £35 per session.  Home visits may be arranged, and will be priced according to location, please contact me to discuss.

Bowen Technique treatments are done through light clothing - so please wear loose fitting clothing.   

A course of 3 treatments over a period of 3-4 weeks are normally recommended. Most clients see improvement within one or two sessions. Some have seen their symptoms greatly improve immediately, others may need several treatments.  Every body is different and responds in their own way to treatment.

I ask that you don't have any other bodywork whilst on a course of Bowen. We will discuss this at the first appointment.

A cancellation period of at least 24 hrs before due treatment is appreciated.  

Bowen Technique Therapy practitioner based in Warwickshire