Leanne, Kenilworth.  

In May 2016 I woke one morning with an extremely stiff lower back. I’d been gardening over the weekend which I’d thought may have caused the problem but I’d been for a run since that without any problems. I didn’t understand what I’d done to my back to wake with such stiffness and pain. Over the next couple of days I struggled taking my children to school but I just couldn’t stand or walk with a straight back. Runs were completely out of the question which was making me frustrated too. I was walking crouched over because I just couldn’t get my back straight. It was too painful. The pain changed into more of a sciatic nerve pain after a few days with shooting pains whenever I bent at the wrong angle. I was having to use my upper body to get out of bed as I couldn’t support my weight with my back because it hurt too much and I was feeling pretty low! It was whilst I was walking ‘hunched over’ on the school run that I met Kathryn who suggested I pay her a visit for Bowen Therapy. During the first session Kathryn went over a full history with me of my back problem and told me what to expect from Bowen Therapy. I found her very thorough with her questions and completely at ease with her during the therapy. I found the actual therapy extremely relaxing and experienced no discomfort (other than due to my still sore back!) In total I had 3 sessions (spread over 3 weeks) with Kathryn but my back had eased noticeably by a week after the first session. I was running again by two weeks! Not only did Bowen Therapy with Kathryn help heal my back problem but she also enlightened me about correct posture and how ‘bad’ standing or sitting habits can feedback the wrong information to our brains causing all manner of problems. It has changed the way I stand now and taught me to be mindful in general with my posture. I completely recommend seeing Kathryn for Bowen Therapy. Thanks Kathryn!

Bowen Technique Therapy practitioner based in Warwickshire testimonial
Kathryn Kerr Bowen Technique  testimonial

I went to see Kathryn after falling down the stairs hurting my back and coccyx.  The pain was excruciating and everything felt locked up and I was hobbling everywhere, unable to walk properly.  The pain affected my sleep, so by the time I had my first treatment, two weeks after I fell I felt completely depleted and exhausted. My left shoulder was frozen and I had been unable to lift it past shoulder height for months. I found the treatment to be one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had.  The first thing I noticed was that I had the best deep sleep and woke up feeling refreshed, something that has continued since.  The next day my body felt freer and the pain was significantly reduced.  I returned a week  later for a second treatment, by which time full movement had returned to my shoulder and my back and pelvis pain had gone.  Although I still had discomfort in my coccyx when sitting and getting up it was much better and walking was fine by then.  I now have a treatment every few months when I feel like need loosening up, or need to relax. Alison M.

I initially went for a treatment with Kathryn as I was having pain from pushing pushchairs and carrying children.  I had been having pain in my neck and shoulders and sometimes found that I couldn't move my head.  I was also feeling very stressed generally which made me wake several times in the night usually.  I find the treatment very powerful and could't believe how such a gentle therapy could have such a massive effect.  During my first treatment I could literally feel tension being released and remember feeling tired and muggy headed, but remember saying to Kathryn that I felt as if I could take on the world.  I felt like my pain and tension had melted.  The next day I felt so much more relaxed, and I am sleeping really well and soundly.  My neck and shoulders didn't seize up any more, and were just a bit stiff and sore now at times.  My third treatment made me feel like I was coming down with something and kept feeling chilled, but this passed after a day or so and then my neck and shoulders felt really good and are now pretty much pain free.  I love the treatments so much.  I was reluctant to have any sort of physical treatments in the past as I don't like being touched by strangers, but I would thoroughly recommend Kathryn as she is professional and caring and puts you at ease.  She takes time to explain things and is always a good listener.  I will be seeing her regularly to keep me relaxed and in good health.  Andrea W.

I started to go to Kathryn when I volunteered to be one of her case studies.  I have multiple problems including Fybromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome, have terrible sleep, little energy and am in constant pain.  I aways feel better after seeing Kathryn.  I feel looser in my lower back, shoulders, knees and hips.  It is hard to put into words but I feel a bit floaty during the treatment and then I find that my pain reduces enough for it not to be forefront of my mind.  This lasts for a week or so before it creeps back up.  I have a treatment every two to four weeks as I always feel better and it helps me to manage my symptoms.  Charlie H.